The Practice of Zazen

Zazen is the very core of our Zen Buddhist practice. In the Soto Zen tradition, zazen, formal service, and ceremonies are the bodily enactment of our vow to awaken for the benefit of all beings. The daily practice schedule and all of our activities are designed to support this intent.

In the practice of shikantaza, "just sitting," we practice not simply following a set of one-sided instructions, but rather through opening to a flexible, spontaneous process, we experience a reciprocal flow of sensation and awareness. The Buddha did not follow a ready-made meditation manual when he sat under the bodhi tree. He engaged in an ongoing, whole-hearted inquiry into being present in and with this world. This requires a deep relaxation supported by solid groundedness. Zazen is a place of refuge, where we meet our lives with wisdom, love, and compassion.

Through zazen, dharma talks, discussion, and somatic exercises, we will learn together how to find a pathway to allow zazen to blossom from the inside out.

Beginners are very welcome. No previous experience is required to come and sit zazen.