The Act of Giving: Becoming a Zen Center Member

The Zen Center exists because of the extraordinary generosity of many people!

In Buddhism, Dana Paramita, the practice of generosity, is the first realization of a Bodhisattva. "Dana" is a Sanskrit word which means 'giving.' It is a way for us to let go and benefit others.

Dana is a precious gift. It allows us to open our hearts and step out of the usual profit-and-loss mentality that governs our society. It creates openness and it builds warm connections that are based on the value of our shared experience.

The practice of generosity is vital to the Zen Center. You can make a one-time donation or become a supporting member through monthly or yearly automatic deductions from your bank account. We extend our deep gratitude to all of you who give to us in so many ways.


There are many ways you can donate:

Recurring Donation
  • Become a Member at $65/month. You'll receive discounts on classes, retreats, workshops, and other special events. And you'll join a growing base of community support and practice energy!

  • Become a Zen Center Friend at $10 or $25/month. These recurring donations are extremely important to our ability to make our monthly budget.

  • Join others who have become Dharma Pillars at recurring donation levels of $100, $250, or $500/month. We are very grateful for the vote of confidence from those who are able to give a little bit more on an ongoing basis.

  • Make a one-time monetary donation, or an automatic monthly or annual contribution of any amount. 

  • Volunteer your time, energy, practice, and skills. 

  • Memorial and Named Gifts – Honor a family member, loved one, or friend by donating in their name.

  • Matching Gifts – Encourage your employer to add the Zen Center to their corporate matching gifts program, effectively doubling the size of your donations.

  • Planned Giving – Support our programs through bequests, charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities. Maximize personal objectives while minimizing after-tax costs

  • Please consider becoming a bodhisattva of Zen Center supplies. It will help us enormously for the following items to be donated: Boxes of tea, toilet paper and paper towels (100% recycled, ideally), weekly fresh flowers, and altar supplies. 


The Zen Center has 501c3 status and your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable.